Dog Walking and Behaviour Issue – Follow My Lead


Owner and happy Golden Retriever dog on the grass walking in summer day


Did you know that most behavioural problems in our dogs stem from a lack of physical exercise, of walking and exploring the outside world.  At Jacq’s Pack we offer a high quality dog walking experience.  Mastering the art of the walk is the most important thing your dog can learn.

We build a personal relationship and engage your dog with a structured approach through exercising both mind and body.  By creating an environment that is mentally and physically stimulating promotes good habits and a healthy, happy and balanced dog!

Our daily journey has us wandering through the beautiful, tranquil streets, parks, ravines and beaches of Toronto.

Understanding your dog’s state of mind, why it is behaving a particular way, what is causing him or her to be perhaps fearful or aggressive, are key to changing the behaviour. What role have we humans played in creating the situation?

Please note that Jacqueline does not and will not use prong or e-collars.

Group Walk – Maximum of 3 dogs – 1 hour $20

By walking a group of dogs in a calm state it engages them mentally to be focused on the walker, the pack leader.  Being in a pack they exercise their social skills and learn how to not get distracted.  Dogs will be individually assessed for suitability for group walks during our  initial information meeting.

Send us an email from our Contact page under the drop down menu Group Walk.

Private Walk– 1 hour $30

30 Minute Walk – $20

Private walks provide one on one individual care for your dog.  Perhaps you have a senior dog who prefers a quiet leisurely stroll.  Is he or she recovering from an illness or an injury?  You just prefer your dog to have the time to their own on their walk.

Private walks are provided for dogs who have not been neutered or spayed as it is best for them and their safety.

Send us an email from our Contact page under the drop down menu Private Walk.

Private Lessons – $600 – 3 – 1.5 hour sessions

Follow up sessions – $50 – per session

As no two dogs are the same these three – 1.5 hour sessions include a consultation, assessment of your dog’s behaviour and a comprehensive plan of action with hands on training.  You will learn to see the world from your dog’s point of view and how to communicate what it is you want.  In order to achieve a happy and balanced relationship between you and your canine friend consistency in your actions is key.

We will check in to see how your are progressing.  If you feel you need additional follow up sessions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Balance and harmony with your dog is attainable.

Be the pack leader you know you can be.  Send us an email from our Contact page under the drop down menu Private Lessons to get started on making the change!

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HST is applicable to all services.   Services can be paid by e-transfer and or cash.