Dog Walking and Behaviour Issue – Follow My Lead

Retractable Leashes

When retractable leashes first came out years ago I thought wow what a great idea!  Fast forward to 2016 and dogs are more out of control than ever before.  Owners are more distracted, looking at their phones or have ear buds in listening to music, with not even the slightest interaction with their dogs.  Owners seem to feel they can just let their dogs roam up to 26 feet (depending on the length of the retractable leash) in front of them and what’s the harm.  Rover has what he wants, to go wherever that 26 feet allows him and the owner gets to “multi task” or plain and simple be disconnected from the world…..and his dog.

I for one do no like to pass dogs that are on a retractable leash.  As I say a lot of dogs are out of control and to be on a retractable leash some distance from its owner is troubling.  So many things can and do happen.  Injuries to both dogs and humans can be extreme.  All those years ago I was burned by the retractable rope and that was just my dog returning to me as I recalled him.

Imagine the things that can and do happen with a dog that has no recall (calling your dog back to you) that suddenly sees a squirrel and darts out across the road only to be met by an oncoming vehicle.  The owner is dependent on THEIR own reflex time to be able to let the leash retract in order to stop an accident from happening.  And even if the owner has good reflexes, is paying attention to their dog, they still have no control on the cord/leash retracting time.  It is up to the mechanism design of the leash.  Stuff like this does happen.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

So as you can see I am not a fan.  I have posted a story on Jacq’s Pack facebook page (which you can access through the icon on this website) that speaks in great detail of all the things that can and do happen and how this type of leash can encourage your dog to pull.

Be engaged with your dog on your walk.  After all isn’t that why you got him in the first place!