Dog Walking and Behaviour Issue – Follow My Lead


woman holding dog in yoga class


Dogs don’t talk words to each other, they speak energy and body language.

Once we fully comprehend how our canine companions communicate with calming signals and how our own energy and body language impacts them, will we then be able to achieve balance and harmony. 

Calming Signals is the term coined by world renowned canine expert Turid Rugaas of Norway in her book “On Talking Terms With Dogs”.  Turid identified the body language, signals that dogs use to communicate with each other.   A calm dog is a happy dog!

Jacqueline has successfully completed Dog Emotion and Cognition through Duke University with Brian Hare, Associate Professor at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Anthropology.

In 2015 Jacqueline traveled to California to train with Cesar Millan at the Dog Psychology Centre in Santa Clarita.

Jacqueline is a graduate of the Cesar Millan Fundamentals of Dog Behaviour and Training I.  Our dogs tell us much more about ourselves than we may realize.

Jacqueline trained at the Toronto Centre for Canine Education where she received her Dog Tec Certified Dog Walker Accreditation.

She furthered her studies and is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid from both St. John’s Ambulance and Pet Tech.

She has received her First Degree Initiation in the USUI method of REIKI.

Jacqueline continues to expand her knowledge and considers it a top priority.  From traditional veterinary care to the holistic approach, to understanding the differences between dog psychology and dog training, Jacqueline’s mission is to improve the lives of dogs and their owners.