Dog Walking and Behaviour Issue – Follow My Lead




Jacqueline has always wanted to create a business where she could pursue her passion and love for these wonderful animals called dogs.  Finally in 2015 the opportunity to open Jacq’s Pack became a dream come true.

Jacqueline’s love and affection for dogs started at a very young age.  Her first love, at the tender age of seven, was the family dog Skippy.  Her fondest memory of Skippy was the little wiggle in her walk.  Then there was Sabrina, a beautiful border collie terrier mix who lived to the ripe old age of 18 and filled their home with many years of joy.

As an adult she had two wonderful dogs; Brindle, who she adopted from the Toronto Humane Society, and Bo, a dog she rescued from an abusive owner who was more than willing to give him up when Jacq offered to give him a good home. 

Jacqueline’s life is now filled with the great love and companionship of a beautiful little Chihuahua named Stella who is the absolute apple of her eye! 

Stella started out as a foster dog who came with two puppies.  Jacqueline now has the wonderful title of being a “foster failure” and so is her sister who has the little boy puppy whom she named Pedro and the little girl puppy, now named Abby, lives right around the corner!

It is Jacqueline’s goal that everyone learn a new language, the language of dogs!  Our canine friends are constantly speaking yet we are blind to the conversation they are having with us and other dogs every single day, right before our eyes.

When we understand what makes our dog tick, perhaps it is a herder breed like a border collie, we have the knowledge to make a more fulfilling life for you and your best friend.

They say the universal language is love.  Jacqueline adds one more to that list.  The language of dogs is the same all over the world.  Once you learn to speak it you can converse with canines from Iceland to Australia and all points in between!