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Meditation 101 and Cesar Millan

Meditation.  Oh that’s only for flakes, hippy dippy types.   Meditation.  Isn’t that what David Copperfield and Criss Angel do, meditate people into the air?   Uh, no!  They levitate people into the air!

Meditation.  The thing we keep meaning to do but something else keeps getting in the way.  When I think of meditation I instantly calm down.  I feel my physical body relax.  I feel comforted by the quietness of the action.  I am present in this moment.

Never was this experience more real to me than when at the Dog Psychology Centre in California training with Cesar Millan.   Part of the programme involved meditation.  I was totally surprised and thoroughly delighted at the prospect of being in a large group of people and their dogs all meditating at the same time.  This was going to be very interesting.


After lunch on the first day we sat in our chairs with the dogs at our side.  You must remember that people brought their dogs because they had issues.  Some were anxious while others barked at whatever moved.  Some were biters.  Others were fearful.   Some pulllllled on the leash and could not sit still.  Some just plain did not listen.

Bring on the meditation.  When we first started you could hear people rustling in their seats.  There were some sighs initially.  The more we were guided (spoken to) into our meditation the stiller everyone eventually became.  The more the humans became quiet, yep you guessed it, the dogs too settled down.   The peacefulness that blanketed the room was so wonderful.  The energy that permeated throughout was tangible.

Husky Meditation

Fast forward to our last day.  Before we all departed to go back to our homes we did a meditation walk.  Once again we meditated, humans and dogs.  At the signalled moment we all got up, walked out of the room, quietly, no speaking at all.  We went out to the busy streets of Santa Clarita with the hustle and bustle of cars and buses whizzing by at fast speeds.  There was not a peep or a squeal or a bark or a whimper out of anyone, humans included.  The walk was utterly magical.  Everyone was at peace, in the moment.

It truly showed how our energies and thoughts create our environment right down through the leash and into our dogs.

I hope you will join us on a meditation walk.  Give yourself and your dog some one on one quiet time together.